Social Blood Donation Mobile Application
HOPE is a mobile platform that aggregates social blood donation requests from different accounts in one platform, and securely coordinates the communication with blood donors in emergency situations via a search map and a normal sms. It's all about saving someone's life.

Hope has been launched late 2012, the main idea was simply building a fast and reliable communication channel between blood donation requesters and blood donors using mobile platform and a simple SMS. Meanwhile aggregating different social blood donation feeds from different sources in one place, giving the blood donor a centralized view for donations requesters from different sources.

May 2013 we’ve been selected of the 10 Finalist in “Innovation Tournament Awards 2021” in Abu Dhabi for best social projects; October 2013 selected of Synergos Organization Pioneers of Egypt for our social impact.

June 2014 selected of the 1st social entrepreneurs class for RiseEgypt, because of the value of what we present.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • Blood Donation, Social, Blood, Patients, Donation, GPS, Free, Location Based
Target Users
  • Hospitals, Blood Banks, Blood Donors, Patients
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