Hot Potato by Famigo
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Hot Potato is the fastest, simplest, most addictive and fun game ever. Fact! This is not another "toss the phone" game.

Remember playing Hot Potato in grade school? Now Play Hot Potato with your family and friends using your iPhone, iPod or iPad. The object of the game is to get rid of the potato before it goes thermonuclear and explodes! Earn more points by passing it quickly and often to more people. Just don't be left holding the

Play with up to 9 players over local WiFi. Start a game by pressing "Start New Game," and others can join. Flick the potato to send it to another device (iPhone, iPod, or iPad) and make sure you're not holding it when it explodes. Boom!

The game is played over local WiFi only.

Hot Potato is integrated with Famigo.

The Famigo family account allows you to play with your family as a team. Each family member accrues virtual points, and all points earned by family members count towards the family's total points. Use these points to challenge friends and neighbors. Go to to track family scores, play history, accumulate virtual family points, and challenge family and friends with tournament style play.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • Hot Potato - $0.99 (Free for a limited time)
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  • Family game multiplayer platform kids children parents fun simple easy safe wifi fast
Target Users
  • Families, children, grandparents, uncles, aunts, the kid in all of us
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