HotMusic is the best music service to discover songs from your favourite genres RIGHT AFTER their release. Every day it serves you the HOTTEST music and official music videos from artist you love or have just discovered.... long before they hit the charts..

Touch your screen and you´ll be flooded with the NEWEST releases and pre-orders every day. Hint: Nobody has a clue about them yet!

With HotMusic, you´ll be the very first to know... You will never miss another great new hit from your favourite band or artist... HotMusic overtakes radio, media and charts!

The newest music from 21 genres every day.

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• How many songs do you listen to every day?
• How many of these songs have you already heard?
• And so, how many do you hear for the first time?
• How many of the songs you listen to everyday have not been played out?
• How do you find out your favourite artist just released a song?

This is exactly our vision.

► And the answer is? HotMusic.◄

2 years ago we met a group of young people in underground asking each other – Where can we find new music? We are bored of tracks which are already played out. We all have this problem. Artists make excellent songs every day, but we don´t know about them until some radio station published, and it happens usually a few weeks after release. Often in few days all these hits become played out, because radio stations play it again and again. And then there are many of the great songs that are not mentioned anywhere so we discover them a few month after release. We are so frustrated of this.

► So we came up with a great idea! ◄

• Discover new music and videos from your favourite genres just a few hours old
• Get info about tracks
• Refresh your playlist with HotMusic
• Explore music being discovered by other users by tapping into favourites
• Tap the Map button and find out how many songs come from your or other countries

• Preview and purchase songs or albums instantly in iTunes
• Listen to and add to your playlist in Rdio or Spotify.
• Connect to Spotify / Rdio to play full song playback
• Play full length songs via YouTube

• Share your discoveries on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, E-mail or Message
• Save the discoveries you love as favourites for later

• Watch the newest official music videos on YouTube

• Check out new releases from your country or other countries

If you love music, you will love HotMusic! Download HotMusic and enjoy your Hot music paradise.

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