Play the game of your live. Live the game you play.
OUR MISSION: To bring excitement to our members´ lives.

HotZnow allows you to easily find your friends, fantastic places, great parties, special offers and lots of other benefits and prizes. Its platform integrates the advantages of your virtual networks into your everyday life, providing you with a better life experience.

Play the game of your life. Live the game you play.

HotZnow is a location-based social network that uniquely recommends you the hottest places nearby based on the most reliable opinion of all, your friends!

As a user, with HotZnow you can:
- Check-in with a photo and tag friends when you go to a place;
- Rate and recommend places you visit;
- Keep track of which places you are eager to go to and which are your favorites;
- Share all your activities on Facebook and Twitter;
- search for the hottest places near you based on your personal preferences, profile history, place information, friends and other users’ recommendations;
- see which of your friends are nearby, trace a route to them or invite them to join you;
- message your friends for free – send photos, invitations to your location and emoticons;

As a place owner, with HotZnow you can:
- announce special discounts – give group discounts and promotions to users;
- implement last minute campaigns to draw more users to your place;
- manage recommendations and suggestions of your place by users;
- see who checked in to your place;
- invite users that are eager to go to your place;
- share events information with your users - make sure they know what’s happening at your place;

We can’t wait to hear from you! You can find us at

If you have any feedback, questions or suggestions, please e-mail us at [email protected] or find us on Facebook ( or Twitter (
Android, BlackBerry, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Windows Phone
  • Free version available
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  • location-based social network, geolocation, check-in, review, friends, discover, experiences, places, events, messages, favorites, rankings, recommend, share, eager to go, promotions, nearby, restaurants, bars, nightclubs
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  • web and mobile app users looking to discover new destinations around the world, message friends, share activities with friends.
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