Segmented Media Mobile
I AM IN is a revolucionary app for promoting services and products specially for restaurants, bars, cinemas, bakeries, entertainment and others segments related to those.

Our app is a segmented mobile media which offers discount cupons for those that have the app to be consumed on time.

I AM IN aims to offer good times to users through these discount coupons since all the promotions available will be always hitting the consumers according their needs. For example before lunch time restaurants will have the opportunity to go to I AM IN website and register a promotion with the consuming time and the cupons amount they want. By filling up this form online and paying, the promotion will be sent to all users which have the app I AM IN.

Users will receive a push with this promotion and in case it would be interesting for them, they just need to push I AM IN and show the e-voucher at the consuming time or scanning a QR code at the shop point to enable the promotion.

The users will receive the promotions according to their location, so always the promotions will cover one need they have due the time these promotions will be shown and also around them. So they can consume on time and not paying anything to get these cupons.

Apart of that, I AM IN also contains a social media feature where users can have a list of friends that have I AM IN and a ranking system according their IN$ which is our virtual currency that can be taken by interacting with the app, sharing, consuming, checking in and so on.

Basically that's I AM IN. The new way to reach consumers. The best offers at the right time.

iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
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  • Promotions Cupons Discounts Free On time
Target Users
  • Iphone users for September 2012 and from December to Android users.
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