I-Card is the first Augmented Reality App that work with our Barcelona postcards.
I-Card es una App de Realidad Aumentada que permite al usuario ver e interactuar con Modelos 3D, vistas 360 grados, vídeos y audioguía de las atracciones de Barcelona.

Para disfrutar de I-Card:

Paso 1. Descarga la App I-Card
Paso 2. Enfoca las postales (del siguiente link) con la cámara de la App I-Card
Paso 3. Descubre como las atracciones cobran vida

Para poder disfrutar de las atracciones de Barcelona en Realidad Aumentada, necesitas enfocar las imágenes del siguiente link una vez que tengas descargada la App I-Card:


The first Augmented Reality Interactive App that work with our Barcelona postacards!

Interact with the Postcards of your favourite Barcelona attractions and discover a new Augmented Reality world with videos, audio-guide contents and 3D model explorations (zoom in and out with the movement of your mobile)!

I-Card allows you to augment your view of reality with through its friendly AR interface.

Look for the I-Card postcards in the following link and focus them with the Appp camara:

Step 1: Download I-Card App
Step 2: Point the App\'s camera to the interactive postcards (following link)
Step 3: Watch your favourite attractions come to life


Enjoy the Augmented Reality (AR) experience and share updates with your friends through Facebook and Twitter.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
Travel and Tourism, Education, Art and Culture
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Target Users
  • Tourists (nationals and foreigners) with smartphone or tablet. Remember that the I-Card App works offline.
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Google Play, iTunes
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