I Wheel Share
Accessibility for every one
I Wheel Share is a mobile application with which people with a disability and others will be able to map the experiences and places that are acessible or not. And they do so, expressing themselves freely.

In other words, it is a geolocalized free expression area allowing people to report information to the concerned authorities.

This application will be free.

However, we will offer institutions (be they public ones, private ones or associations) to pay for the promotion of events accessible or in favor of people with disabilities that will, then, be geolocalized on the map: cultural events, sport competitions, fairs… Everything that is fun and adapted for people with disabilities deserves to be highlighted!

I Wheel Share's ideal is an inclusive and fair society in which people can live together no matter their conditions. A society in which disability does not mean marginality but mutual comprehension, personal fulfilment and common well-being. But, we won't be able to reach this without you.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
Urban life, Other, Empower citizens
  • #Handicap #Superable #Inclusion #Accessibility #Overflow #Disable
Target Users
  • Anyone having a disability (temporary or definitive) or their relatives, people with strollers or luggage
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