The Official Cultural Videotour Guide for Barcelona
Feel the true tourist experience of the 21st century and download the official cultural video tour guide for Barcelona, based on high quality georeferenced videos. Thanks to its incorporated videos a personal virtual guide will explain you the most known anecdotes and the historical background of all points of interest.
SMARTOUR® will allow you to explore unique places and discover unforgettable stories at your desired pace as well as to get the best direction to take as you follow the route along the most relevant points of interest. You will also be able to enjoy a welcome video to a tourist destination, find the most important information of its different areas, as well as its gastronomic, cultural, commercial and leisure offers and much more.
Within our suggested tour along the city of Barcelona you will discover 20 points of tourist and cultural interest plus 1 video welcoming you to the city. You will enjoy several of its most outstanding districts as follows:

-Eixample de Barcelona: Quadrat d’Or (Golden Square) and Barrio de la Sagrada Família
-Ciutat Vella: La Rambla; el Raval; Barrio Gótico; Santa Caterina and Sant Pere; La Ribera; La Barceloneta and Port Vell.
-Gràcia i Park Güell: Park Güell

General characteristics of Smartour, the official cultural and tourist video guide of Barcelona:
- Welcoming video to Barcelona
-High quality georeferenced videos (through GPS system) of the most emblematic points of interest of the city. Each video will automatically be reproduced when a point of interest is reached within its programmed radius.
-Culture and leisure agenda displaying the most updated and important events for each day of the year
-Additional georeferenced information about services (Restaurants, Shopping, Cafés & Terraces, Nightlife, Museums, Public Transport etc.) with individual descriptions and pictures.
-Localisation and viewing of all points of interest and services on on-line Maps
-Option “Route” for visualising in real time and distance the way how to go from your actual place of location to the desired one
-Possibility of valuating places and points of interests, as well as sharing comments through Facebook, Twitter or email.
-Application “Augmented Reality” for visualising the points of interest and requested services
- Off-line general Map of Barcelona (the official map of TURISME DE BARCELONA).
- Off-line Maps for each Point of Interest
- Off-line Maps of the public transport system managed and operated by TMB (Metro and Bus): the official bus and Metro maps of TMB)
-Promotions and discounts at outstanding premises and venues

This application has been entirely developed by a privately owned company, in official collaboration with TURISME DE BARCELONA (www.barcelonaturisme.com). Among other collaborating institutions are the Arxiú Fotografic de Barcelona (Ayuntamiento), Turisme de Catalunya, and Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB).

The application has been produced in four languages (Catalan, English, French, Spanish), and is available both on Apple Store and Android Market.

Each app (8 in total: one for each language and virtual market) contains over 70 minutes of high-quality and HD Videos of the most emblematic sights of Barcelona, and the equivalent to 240 pages of digitalized and geo-referentiated information.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • iBarcelona ES - 4,99€ (Spanish version)
  • iBarcelona CAT - 4,99€ (Catalan Version)
  • iBarcelona EN - 4,99€ (English version)
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Target Users
  • Tourists and locals in Barcelona eager to know and discover all what this great city has to offer, in a very autonomous and highly innovative way.
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