iDiscount Loyalty Cards
Create your own electronic discount cards directly in the application
Create your own electronic discount cards directly in the application and send them to the phones of your customers. Forget about all the hassle with plastic or paper discount, because modern technologies make it possible to give them up. Now there is nothing stopping your company to become a modern one and reach a new level when dealing with loyalty programs. Just download and use iDiscount.
The IDiscount application allows you to:
- create electronic discount cards with a unique barcode for each client;
- upload your design of discount cards corresponding to the corporate identity of your company;
- read the customer's card directly from the screen of his/her phone;
- entry a deal in history right at the moment of card reading;
- keep history of purchases of your customers and calculate the size of their discounts depending on the criteria you specified;
- apply to the choice either a fixed or an accumulative discount;
- add other employees of your company and give them the appropriate rights for the access to the functional application;
- fill in the profile of your company (address, phone, e-mail) and also use your electronic discount card as a business card;
- your customers can keep all their cards in a convenient and free application iDiscountClient and present them to you when making a purchase or providing services.

The first month of use of the iDiscount application is free. Then the use will be available by subscription via Google Play Market.

Attention! If for some reason you cannot draw or renew your subscription, you can easily read discount cards already issued via the application and keep records of purchases by them. Your customers will not be affected.

The application runs on Android 4.0 and higher.
Compare the iDiscount application with traditional plastic discount cards, and you will understand how much it is easier, more convenient and cheaper to use.
  • Free version available
  • 1.2.1 - 9 (Android )
Business and Work
  • Loyalty Cards, discount cards, coupons
Target Users
  • business, retail, service
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