iGoOn offers an instant carpooling service, providing a real-time localization system of drivers and passengers, who are automatically matched by the system.
iGoOn aims at reducing the number of vehicles circulating everyday on the same routes, responsible of fostering congestion and pollution within the urban area. It is a comfortable and cheap solution from the perspective of both the users who are unable to bear the costs of the relevant traveling expenses (e.g. insurance, running costs etc.) and those willing to use less polluting mobility systems, while responding also to the need of moving easily in locations not well served by public transportation. iGoOn represents an innovative urban carpooling service, providing a real-time localization system of drivers and passengers. Just a simple smartphone or tablet grants access to the system via an app, allowing users to communicate the destination to be reached. The system - following in real time their movements thanks to the GPS- will automatically match drivers with passengers who happen to be on a compatible route. The benefit offered by such a service consists in a minimum effort for both categories of users: the matching will take place only when driver and passenger are in close proximity, thus minimizing the risk of delays or routes changes. The other innovative aspect regards payment: iGoOn - in contrast with systems such as Uber - is fully founded on the principle of sharing economy, as it aims at covering just travel expenses. In particular, passengers buy credits that are transferred to drivers on the basis of the kilometers driven; drivers in their turn may decide either to use those credits as passengers in a further journey or convert them in fuel coupons. iGoOn will thus concretely offer advantages to both the cities and their inhabitants who will thus perceive themselves as proactive contributors to urban mobility improvement. Furthermore, the system can be useful also for public and private bodies interested in adopting carpooling solutions for their employees in order to reduce their lost working time
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
Urban life, Transport and Traffic
  • carpooling; smart cities; urban life; sustainability;
Target Users
  • Citizens in general, students, workers, but also tourists
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