iHealth BPM
The iHealth Blood Pressure Monitoring System is the first ever self-monitoring system that lets users test, track and graph their blood pressure from the convenience of their iOS device and share the results.
The iHealth BPM app is a companion to the iHealth Blood Pressure Dock, which is sold separately online or exclusively in Apple Retail Stores. The app itself includes an easy-to-use interface with data and graphics that allow the user to view and track their blood pressure numbers, and run reports. For the first time, a blood pressure monitoring system reveals data trends and fluctuations, and lets users share results instantaneously with doctors, or loved ones.

The hardware comes with a blood pressure arm cuff and a portable, battery-powered dock allowing for quick and easy setup. The dock also doubles as a charging station for all three iOS devices.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
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  • mhealth, health, blood pressure, peripheral apps, medical
Target Users
  • anyone with a pulse
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iTunes, iPad App Store
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