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Complete pregnancy wellness and birth preparation app (English, Spanish, Catalan)

In Shape Moms - Prenatal is a complete pregnancy wellness and birth preparation program developed by international perinatal expert and author of Postnatal Body Fix, Kaisa Tuominen.

The goal of the program is to support and empower moms to be healthy, fit, and informed through their pregnancies and births.

The program includes:

•FITNESS: cardio, corrective & core, resistance training I & II

•BIRTH PREPARATION: pelvic mobility, perineal massage, kegels, eutonia

•HEALTH: nutrition, sleep, stress, environmental health

•MINDSET: relaxation, visualization, affirmations, breathing, vocalization

•TOOLS: birth planner, packing list, education topics, positive phrases

•SPECIAL instructions for the last month of pregnancy to prepare the body for birthing.

•Direct connection to an online COMMUNITY for In Shape Moms.

Features include:

•Exercises are taught in clear and easy to follow videos

•The app connects to your ipod so you can personalize music for relaxation and other exercises

•The app opens automatically in the language you have set up for your phone. You can change the language and choose between English, Spanish, or Catalan

•In Shape Moms – Prenatal is the only app that includes fitness, birth preparation, and education

•Mindset includes 4 different sets (pregnancy, last trimester, birth, postpartum) of beautiful affirmations to help gain confidence and feel positive about pregnancy, birthing, and postpartum

•The birth plan is the most comprehensive one that exists! It includes over 200 choices for your birth that you simply check off and sent to yourself/your birth attendants as an email

•The education section includes topics such as breast feeding, birth protocols, pacifier use, diapers, night time parenting, doulas, baby wearing, baby sign language, vaccines, etc. and also includes a list of best websites to find more information

•Your personal profile keeps track of your pregnancy weeks and your “guess date”

•Instructions with a diagram are included for perineal massage

•The app includes Eutonia, a secret perineal preparation technique

•The content has been reviewed and approved by a physical therapist, a perinatal educator, birth professionals, and most importantly – Moms!
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
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  • Upgrade - 7,99€
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Target Users
  • pregnant women, perinatal professionals
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