InfinityZero - Tortured Beauty - Episode 1
INFINITY/ZERO a revolution in the graphic novel format.
INFINITY/ZERO is a revolution in the graphic novel format. With every turn of the pages on the iPad, the drawings animate, morphing into videos with flesh-and-blood actors, and then solidify again into drawings. As you read the captions you listen to the characters talk; their voices arise from a lifelike background, with noises and sounds highlighted by an incredible original soundtrack, composed and recorded especially for this story.
Infinity/Zero is both a graphic novel and a movie. You can leaf through it as it comes to life. It is a cross between a visual story, an audiobook and a concept album.
It gives words a new resonance by enveloping all senses. As you turn the pages, you read, look, watch and listen. Dynamic Pictures and Zero Computing are proud to present the result of over a year of painstaking work by a small army of writers, graphic artists, composers, musicians, voiceover artists and computer programmers who have given birth to a new art form which goes beyond what is possible on paper and opens the way to a new form of entertainment.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
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