Invaders from far Space (full)
Upgrade your fighter, pick the green gifts and shoot your guns to destroy aliens
Invaders From Far Space it's a retro space arcade shooting game (Shoot 'em up shmup or STG) similar to "Galaga" or "Space Invaders". A classic battle between your fighter and the aliens. Keep the earth free from invaders! Upgrade your weapons, pick the green gifts and shoot your guns to destroy them all!You are a Commander of SpaceShip and you have to defend the Galaxy from alien invasion. Your battle spaceship can be upgraded to power-up guns and shields. You are the last defense on earth!
You can play the game “Invaders From Far Space” in your smartphone, tablet and/or TV!
Invaders from far Space (demo) version is free and you can download and install, test and try before you buy the full version.
·Invaders From Far Space properties:
- Available for all android devices (OS 1.5+)- Compatible with low and high resolution/density devices- Keyboard / GamePad compatible (USB / Bluetooth / D-Pad)- On-Line and local high scores (beat your friends)- 2 game modes (campaign / survival)- Graphic resources in H.D.- Small application size- "move to SD" compatible- Selectable game speed (under options)- Optimized for your screen resolution (on Google Play)- A lot of options (language, input method, etc.)- Full HID controller compatible (menus and game)- 100% MOGA controller compatible (menus and game)- Infinite Fun, fun and more fun
"It’s simple, entertaining and nostalgic, all in one.(...) give this game a try, have fun and rest assured that you will not be disappointed." (mobiappsreview)
"(...) is a very nice little Space Invaders type game for those of who remember the original (...) In my opinion this is a really nice addition to the arcade space shooter games category. Head on over to the Play Store and try it out for yourselves." (omgdroid)
"Great game! This reminds me if some of the old arcade games. Lot of fun." (Google user)
"Great with Gametel. Works really well especially toghether with a Gametel game controller" (Google user)
"I am playing this game for a while now and really like it. You can spend many hours killing aliens with the survival mode. For few days, there is a new mode called "Extra" and it enables you to start the game with more power and many many aliens. I really appreciate the vendor had add this option!" (Kindle user)
·Permissions information:
- VIBRATE: Used to vibrate your device when collision is detected.- WAKE_LOCK: Used to avoid sleep mode during game play.- ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: Used to query internet connection status.- INTERNET: Used to post and read global high scores.
·Security information:
The system used by RFM software to read and post high scores on the web, only has permissions to access INTERNET and ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE and send only your Score and Name.
Your security and privacy is important for us.
Invaders from far Space is now MOGA Enhanced! Available at major retailers, carrier stores and online at
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