Integrated Traffic Solution
iSalik is an All-In-One community based traffic Application, it integrates many services in the same interface in an easy and smart way, it allows users to do the following :- 1 - Hybrid Traffic Reporting System, Map view, and List View 2 - Map view shows the exact user location to identify the exact traffic jam location 3 - List view for non-GPS phones, for easy search of users comments, and for aggregated traffic status for SMS/USSD services 4 - Innovative Carpooling system ÄutoStop” : o Drop an autostop request on map o Nearby cars/neighbors will get a notification on your request and location o Approval, and accordingly SMS will be exchanged to connect 5 -Sending/Reporting bad road conditions, requesting Ambulance, or Police calls , can be integrated with Authorities later on to show exact location, 6 -Information hub is integrated to include information about :- o Bus System and routes o Important Government Locations and directly show routed to destination o Important Events and Locations which will be fed from the government 7 - Locating friends, Chatting with nearby commuters, 8 - Creating Groups and viewing their locations to avoid directions loss iSalik has the following features :- 1 - iSalik is carefully designed one-screen App for simple view and report of traffic conditions 2 - iSalik allows to report to facebook or twitter the traffic condition including the map image that shows the traffic condition! 3 - No extensive GPS and Data usage, reporting is done only upon user request 4 - Easy to define Favorite roads/locations, and navigate between them
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
Transport and Traffic
  • Traffic,Congestion,Overcrowding, Crowding,Transportation, Car pooling, Roads, Directions, Traffic Map, Roads Simulation, Traffic Status, Auto Stop ,Social,Navigation
Target Users
  • Everyday person on the street
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