iSeatplan: seating plan organizer for teachers
Say good bye to writing down everything what your students do on paper. Say hello to informative graphs and statistics for easily providing fair grades.
Organize your students in a flexible seating plan and take quick notes on their individual perfomances in class with just a few taps.

iSeatplan presents this information in clear graphs so that you are able to keep track of every student's development over the term and create a better basis for the grading of your students.


- save information about the quantity and quality of your students contributions in class
- take notes when a student is late for class or disturbs the lesson
- review the information in an individual diagram for each student
- compare your students in an alphabetically ordered list
- learn your student's names with the "Namegame"
- free configuration of the seating plans
- create several rooms per class
- supports every school system
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • iSeatplan: Sitzplan für Lehrer 1.1 - 7.99$
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  • Teachers
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