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Purpose of the App
iSignIT is an innovative translation helper specifically aimed at patients who are deaf or hard of hearing that has the purpose of helping patients and medical personnel by simplifying communication, even if they are from different countries.

Limitations of the App
The app does neither aim at nor can it replace human translators. When in doubt, especially if a patient's health is in danger, a professional translator should be requested.

Please note that your device must be running iOS 3.1 or later in order to be able to show the integrated videos.

Scope of the App
iSignIT contains phrases for three sign languages for patients who are hard of hearing or deaf:

* German Sign Language

* British Sign Language

* Austrian Sign Language

Basic Operation
First, the languages to be used by the medical personnel and the patient must be chosen. Following this, a menu appears that provides the medical staff with access to phrases covering questions with a medical background as well as instructions.

As soon as the desired phrase has been selected, the corresponding translation is shown in using a video as well as text. The patient can use the same device for answering by using phrases from a menu specifically tailored for patients. The phrases selected by the patient are then shown in the language that was selected for use by the staff. Again, video as well as text will be used for this purpose.

Additional Features
iSignIT contains about 800 medical phrases as well as a number of phrases covering everyday life. The phrases were developed by an international team of medical professionals. They are logically grouped according to various topics. This makes it easy for users to quickly locate the desired phrase. The integrated search function of iSignIT further simplifies the this process by allowing users to enter words or even just a few letters of the phrase they are looking for. For even faster access, frequently used phrases can be bookmarked and are then recallable using these bookmarks.

It is also possible to activate a protocol function to be able to track a conversation. This protocol can later be exported via email if necessary.

Study Results:
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Privacy Statement (Version 1.0, 24.09.2012)
No registration is required for using the iSignIT® app. The providers of the app do not record or store any of the data that is entered into the app. The user remains responsible for keeping backups of his data as well as for taking appropriate measures for avoiding unauthorized access by third parties.

iSignIT does not record or store any personal data and neither is anything sent to the developers. When using the protocol function, everything is stored locally on the device. This includes the following data:

The languages chosen by the staff and the patient, date and time of the conversation as well as the phrases that were used. This is only done for documentation purposes; using this function is entirely voluntary.

If necessary, the data recorded using this function can be exported via email. The use of this email export is also voluntary and is done at the discretion and the risk of the user. A transmission only takes place if it is triggered by the user.

iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
Poor access to data, Health, Empower citizens
  • sign language, translation, health
Target Users
  • Sign Language users, laypersons, medical professionals and other users interested in sign languages.
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