Jack Rover
This is a story about a sly but kind pirate.
Hi, my name is Jack Rover.
Till recently I've lived my life in peace. I travelled the world, sometimes got into different fights and awkward situations, in one word didn't really care about anything. Well, what to say, I am proud to be a pirate, and what pirates are? We are too arrogant and too careless especially when it comes to the things left unattended.
So at one usual (for a pirate) day filled with rum, troubles and cannonades, I accidentally found a strange piece of paper with various marks and signs I couldn't read. At first, I decided not to pay much attention, but then my curiosity won and the only thing I could understand on the paper was a spot on a map, so I rushed there. These seven long days were like hell to me under the boiling sun, but eventually I got there. My patience was rewarded. I saw the unbelievably, incredibly, amazingly huge green crystal, trust me I've never seen rocks like this before. Not knowing myself from the joy and happiness I hurried to grab that pure beauty...
But then I realized that the other symbols on that paper obviously meant something...But it was too late. There was only one hope to survive and the only person to rely on - Me!
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