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jiTalk is a Windows Phone 7 Google Talk™ client with features that will surprise you. Built with a fast, reliable and easy to use interface, following the Metro style guidelines. You'll be amazed by its speed, toast notification system and its simplicity. Our cloud based toast notification system will let you receive incoming instant messages from your contacts even if jiTalk isn't running. It has unique features such as chat state notifications during the conversation to let you know if your contacts are composing messages and watching the conversation. Features Design - Fast, reliable and easy to use interface - Metro-style Google Talk™ client application - Implements chat state events, which notify you when your contacts are composing messages Notifications - Receive instant messages even if jiTalk isn't running - Pin jiTalk in the main screen to see if you have unread messages - Pin your favourites contacts in the main screen Security & Privacy - Token oriented authentication: we never see your password - Provides transport layer security (TLS) through direct connection with Google services
Windows Phone
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  • Users of Google Talk with Windows Phone
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