Joe The Toothbrush
Teaches children to recycle
Joe the Toothbrush is an interactive ebook for children, fun story.

Joe loves to brush Ramona's teeth and she is fascinated with his toothbrush, but one day everything changes, Joe grows old and goes to trash, Joe meet some other friends and all are taken to recycling. Poor Joe! ...

This fun e-book is environmentally friendly, teaches girls and boys that every object can have a second life, each object can be transformed and become something else.

From the age of 3, children can learn to recycle, the ebook makes it easier for parents to teach their children the care of the planet and make the children understand recycling helps make our whole environment much cleaner. In this way, it will be possible to enjoy our city and our planet free of pollution.


- Games: 2 Puzzles, 1 Doodle, 1 QuestGame
- Save your picture, your own art.
- You can record your own voice.
- Colorful illustrations with simple animations in 2D
- Practice English and Spanish because the app is in both languages.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
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Target Users
  • Children from 4 to 8 years old
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