Join the Pack
Join the fun
In this game the player use a shepherd dog to control and protect flocks. The mission: explore and find, protect animals and houses, farms; avoid dangers, and so many other fantastic things that can happen inside the game's world. The social integration is made with Facebook, which allows the player to be in touch with friends, using the mail box and sms, sharing best scores and times and see them in the dog-mobile widgets, ...making a selfie and sharing is so fun!!. Run over 10 hand made levels to learn the mechanics of dog-herding and then use the level generator, reach the infinite possibilities!. Get the best ranking scaring birds,wolves and cute foxes. Avoid the aliens from abducting the animals, dodge the rays of a thunder storm, steal cocos from the crab claws!. Or, you can go for the beauty of the environment, enter relax mode, enjoy ambiental sounds,using ASMR -autonomous sensory meridian response- triggers technic (sounds that feels good), your choice. The world of Join The Pack awaits you.
Android, BlackBerry, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, HTML5, BlackBerry - PlayBook, Windows 8
  • Join The Pack - 2,99
  • animals, herding, dog,
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