JoinUp HCM
Shorten distances, concentrate talent, promote successful projects to generate value
Platform for Professional Development and Management of Academic Practices that brings the student traceability from the moment he begins to relate to the business sector, allowing him to follow up naturally in his professional development during the culmination of his career and once he starts his professional life as a graduate.

The solution will allow you to:

• Provide an agile job search tool and practices.
• Improve the visibility of institutional services to students, graduates and teachers.
• Increase the efficiency and productivity of administrative management.
• Encourage academic practice as part of student training.
• Encourage the participation of students during their training through the use of curricular integration services.
• Provide more help to students and graduates without increasing staffing.
• Increase the reach and participation of students and alumni.

JoinUp HCM is easy to use, does not require large software and hardware investments. JoinUp HCM is in the cloud, which guarantees you to use the application from anywhere, just needing an Internet connection, and always working with the most updated version of the application. With JoinUp HCM you can add more users or grow to new features as you grow, paying only for what you need. You will not suffer with new installations or upgrades to grow, we take care of backstage.
  • Basic - Free (App Free, Platform paid USD $375/month/year)
  • Enterprise - Free (App Free, Platform paid USD $750/month/year)
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Target Users
  • universities, institutions of education, degree candidates, companies, professionals
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