José Aprende by Aprendices Visuales
Aprendices Visuales aim is to facilitate children with autism access to the tools they need to meet their full potential, through research and creation of tools. From a personal experience, we've work to develop tech solutions and democratize their access for everyone in the world.

The lack of materials with pictograms is today a global fact... specially for autism children. That why, we decide to develop the interactive app José Aprende. We've designed this app taking into consideration the characteristics of children with autism and we create it specifically with the visual support they need to learn and communicate.

José Aprende is an educational application promoting language acquisition and cognitive skills. Easy to use, specific structure, logical layout elements, pictograms, voices... are some of the app innovations. We've designed and tested these solution with the collaboration of more than 80 psychologists & autism experts from different organisations. We've also worked hand by hand with families and children who tested our product during all the creation process... in order to create unique"demand based"solutions.

With more than 100 000 downloads, José Aprende is a learning tool that every child loves! This application is an inclusive tool, specifically designed for children with autism because they are visual learners we actually can used it with every other children... as special learning needs, little pre-readers... Indeed the visual is always a great reinforcement.

Today, the José Aprende app is available in Spanish for Android and iOS devices.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
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  • There are around 1 of every 100 children with autism, statistics show that the numbers are steadily increasing. According to the Institute Carlos III, they are more than 200,000 children in Spain, 3 million in Europe and 67 million worlwide.
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