JOURIST Visual Dictionary
A picture is worth a thousand words!
The unique voiced Visual Dictionary in the languages English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese (Brazil), Italian, Chinese, Russian and Arabic.

The illustrations will enchant your entire family. You can use the Visual Dictionary for understanding and update your vocabulary. The explanations for all English terms make the visual dictionary even more valuable for teachers and learners.

The Visual Dictionary is suitable for all language levels. Have you ever wondered what a pitaya looks like and how it will be named in Spanisch, Italian or German? This Visual Dictionary can help you solve these dilemmas and many others like them. Inside the app, you will find over 4,500 lifelike illustrations with more than 120,000 terms and expressions. The illustrations and definitions will help you to understand the object, and the meaning of the term and to open up about the subject. The morphological search makes it possible to look up words in all their forms.

This worldwide biggest Visual Dictionary developed by terminology experts and professional illustrators have been prepared in years of detailed work and appeared as a book in Europe and America. All of the words in the App are covering 14 categories of the modern life in the natural worlds: food, clothing and accessories, nature, health and medicine, transportation, the human body, office settings, sports, housing, leisure and entertainment, society, arts and architecture, science, energy and industry.
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Target Users
  • - A perfect tool for language learners and teachers - Reference source for families - Can be perfectly used at school as an additional vocabulary learning tool - Companion for travellers
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