Keychn - Live Streaming the world of home cooking
The live streaming cooking app that connects foodies all around the world
45% of the people cook almost every day, 70% like trying new types of food and 52% enjoy cooking with others a lot. However, the lack of time and inconvenience to meet with friends reduces social cooking to few occasions.
As there is no platform that enables individuals to find partners - amateur or chefs - to cook online through live-streaming video, we created Keychn to do so.

Keychn is the first app that lets you cook with people from around the world, all in live-streaming and VOD!

Keychn targets food lovers who are open, curious and tech savvy. But foremost, people who love to share the process of cooking with others. Therefore, we also have a social network to promote the sense of community and let our “Starcooks” meet friends and chat online.

Our plan is to grow organically by acquiring users online and through partnerships with home food and recipe deliveries (HelloFresh, Ocado, etc.) so we can leverage on their scale. Their customer interaction finishes when they deliver the product, and what we aim to do is extend this relationship (through Keychn) by connecting their clients. Via our app they can share their cooking experiences online or learn how to cook and innovate with their recipes with our masterclasses. We produce our own recipes too and are in the process of developing a network of chefs to ensure that our users can’t get out of the Keychn!
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
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Target Users
  • Our primary target are “Cookie millennials”; between 18 and 35 y.o., interested in exploring new types of food, tech-savvy and used to social media and video usage, willing to meet new people and with a strong sense of community. Our secondary target is
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