KidBox is a parental control app (desktop and mobile) that let parents fully managed their children online activity with less than 10 clicks.
Designed for families with kids age 2 to 8,
KidBox is a Parental control app that provides
educational and entertainment content for
preschoolers. KidBox creates a safe and
personalized content playground based on a
child's age, development stage, and their
parents' preferences.
Parents will have the information and the
control they did not have before, through the
access to activity reports of the child and the
easy configuration of options that allow them to
set limits of content and navigation (time limit,
hours of use, etc.).
KidBox transform anu notebook, smartphone or tablet into a Kids Friendly Device.

Awards & Recognitions.

First Place in the Festival of Media Latam
(Miami 2011): Brands and media
companies from Latin America awarded
KidBox for their potential in developing
innovative ways to provide targeted
advertising to families.

7th Intel Global Challenge (Silicon Valley
2011): KidBox was selected by Intel as one
of the 30 most innovative companies with
high social impact in the world.

StartUp Chile: We were selected to
participate in the StartUp Chile Program
with U$S 40,000 budget provided by the
Government (Chile 2011).

Red Innova (Sao Paulo 2011): KidBox won
the start up competitions among the 20
selected startups from Latin America and

The Next Web Conference Latin America
2012. KidBox selected as one of the 16
finalists as Best Startup
Adobe AIR, Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Windows 8
  • Free version available
  • Niño Seguro - 1,99
Other, Games, Education
  • Kids, Internet, safe, personalized content
Target Users
  • Families with Kids from 2 to 8 years old.
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