Instant carpooling in your city !
Kojoa is a revolutionary application of carpooling which allows you to find within a few seconds a passenger (or driver) to share a ride. Kojoa main feature and innovation is the capacity to deal in real-time. This app will unleash your desires to move!
Drivers: have some shopping to do, or just need to go to work? Why not share a portion of your journey with others and reduce your mileage costs? No need for planning, in a few seconds on your Smartphone, Kojoa indicates potential passengers for your ride!
Passengers: Want to reduce your travel time and costs? Connect to the application Kojoa, enter your destination and the application will connect you with the right driver!
Kojoa is also:
- Less traffic congestion (thanks to sharing seats!)
-The possibility of reducing travel costs up to 60%
-The ability to move you more quickly, easily and with greater comfort
-The reduction of its environmental impact
-Several networking opportunities
-An active community of users
Find more about Kojoa on our website http://www.kojoa.com/.
You can also follow us on Twitter (@_kojoa) and facebook (KojoApp).

See you soon for a ride!
Kojoa team
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
Urban life, Travel and Tourism, Transport and Traffic
  • carpool, carpooling, dynamic, hitchhiking, car, transport, mobility,
Target Users
  • Anyone that has a smartphone and move around the city.
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Google Play
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