kooaba Paperboy (available in CH, DE, AT, and NL)
Delivers digital extras for print (now also for billboards)
Share exciting articles.
Explore related information.
Remember good reads.

All of this by snapping pictures of your favorite newspapers and magazines.


You want to recommend an interesting article while you're reading it in your favorite newspaper? Simply snap a picture of the page with Paperboy. The page is recognized and direct links allow sharing it via email, Facebook or Twitter with a single click!


Explore related information like videos, images or links to selected topics. Paperboy automatically finds URLs on pages of print publications. In some publications, exclusive Paperboy content is available for pages with the Smart Visuals icon.


Want to keep a print page for future reference? Simply take a snapshot with Paperboy. The digital version of the page is automatically stored in your personal archive along with related information. Choose to archive on my.kooaba.com or in Evernote.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
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  • kooaba, image recognition, interactive print, augmented reality
Target Users
  • Smart readers of newspapers and magazines
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Google Play, iTunes
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