The same place, the best photo.
Photography and tourism have always been concepts that have gone hand in hand and if we include this binomial technology, we find the perfect union. From this concept is born Kopyk.

This is a application that allows users to upload geotagged pictures so that, through participatory virtual albums, others discover or rediscover places through photos taken by them in anywhere in the world photographs. The peculiarity lies in the possibility of creating SPOTS on the map so users can add pictures of those places when they are in situ and / or participate in them.
Therefore, it’s a platform for sharing photos and receive ratings in order to become "the best photographer in one place."We intend to guide the implementation of a game similar to that users most recognized and / or photos top rated obtain popularity within the application.

The peculiarity of Kopyk it lies in the fact of having to share the photos on the app from the site that have been taken, and that implies the presence of users in places of photographic interest, either because it is tourists who discover the area or are locals who want to share their environment with the rest of the world. Thus, while promoting all kinds of tourist attraction of the city.

It’s a platform where users share their passion, either photography, travel, or both, and their experiences, as they can provide feedback about the places that appear in the photographs. That makes the app a means for cities to become collaborative cities in which the participation of the inhabitants is essential.

Kopyk also offers travel agents the possibility to create TOURS, virtual routes on which appear attractions where tourists can take photos that will share in situ.

Kopyk is an app inspired by photography and travel and are aware that traveling is a right for all. It can be useful for disabled users to share photos of the places adapted to their needs (facilities, urban areas, etc.). Thus, they can see if the places you will go or where they are, there are facilities for mobility.

It can also be used as a tool to easily create challenges or photographic marathons. Simply locate on the map the areas where participants must take pictures. Photographers will see in the map app where they can take pictures and to end the marathon themselves valued snapshots of all contestants.

In short, in this era where technology changes traditional business models, the application Kopyk proposes a change in the way we visit the cities of the world.
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