La Cartagena de Gabo
Experience MAGICAL REALISM with GARCIA-MARQUEZ's CARTAGENA audio guide, presented by TIERRA MAGNA. A historical, cultural and literary tour based on the life and work of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the Nobel Prize winner Colombian writer and one of the most read authors in every language.

Discover the Walled City's mysteries, reinterpreted with a mixture of reality and fiction through the words of this brilliant writer, with audios that evoke his life and the characters in his novels.

The interactive ILLUSTRATED MAP with reference points, street names and GPS location will guide you to each station in the audio guide and will help you enjoy the Old City and keep you located at all times.

You will be able to take the tour at your own pace, either by following the suggested tour, or by listening to the stations in the order of your preference.

The app is designed to be used OFFLINE, it does not require Internet connection after download.

This APP is ONLY in English. OTHER LANGUAGES available in the App Store: ESPAÑOL, ITALIANO, FRANÇAIS.


- Content developed by historians specifically for GARCIA-MARQUEZ´s CARTAGENA audio guide.
- Voice over narration with music and sound effects.
- 35 stations with support images that will help you identify the places being referenced.
- Interactive illustrated map of the Walled City with reference points.
- OFFLINE after download.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
Travel and Tourism
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  • literatura, historias, turismo.
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