Lazzus is a mobile app that helps visually impaired people to know what’s around in real time.
Lazzus is an application which aim is to help visually impaired people to recognize their environment, to know what is around them in real time. It is like some kind of flashlight for blind people.

It allows live unthinkable experiences for these users, reduces dependency and increases autonomy in mobility.

We generate a virtual visual field based on their GPS position and the compass orientation, and we use this information to calculate the area where they are directing their glance. With Lazzus we try to improve the independency of the user, allowing him to experiment something closer to what would be to look around in a natural way.

Lazzus works on mobile devices, we have Android and iOS versions at this moment. We are also creating a device which allow the users to use Lazzus without having to have their mobile device in their hands (wearable), giving them even a more complete experience and closer to reality.

Lazzus has been tested and validated by ONCE (one of the biggest associations for blind people in Europe), we have also been awarded with important awards like most disruptive Startup by Google, or innovation award by Vodafone.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Trial - 0 (7 days)
  • Monthly - 5
  • Yearly - 30
Urban life, Travel and Tourism, Transport and Traffic, Health
  • mobility;visually impaired people;auditory field of vision;assistant
Target Users
  • More than 285 million people worldwide with some kind of visual impairment. You & I could be blind someday. Dependency, disorientation, fear to unknown places, language barriers, mobility problems, information loss… Lazzus represents the use of technol
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