LevelApp helps to improve job satisfaction and engagement of employees, by rewarding critical behaviors and acomplishments, using game mecanics and public recognition.
As a recently published Gallup study shows, many employees are not engaged with their jobs. The primary cause ist related to a poorly executed leadership, where employees simply don't receive the recognition they deserve for doing a good job. In consequence, their productivity goes down and companies loose money.

LevelApp solves this problem, by giving team leaders and supervisors a tool to improve job satisfaction and boost engagement of employees. How? By rewarding critical behaviors, key performance indicators (KPI) and acomplishments, using game mecanics and public recognition.

In just a couple of minutes, anyone can create his very own, customized reward program, defining observable behaviors or metrics, asign points and invite participants.

Giving effective and instant feedback has never been easier, whether an organization needs to change effectively critical habits of its employees, or just give them the recognition they deserve. LevelApp can be also used to measure in real time the return on investment (ROI) of training.
Android, HTML5
  • Free version available
  • gamification, recognition, job satisfaction, engagement, motivation, feedback
Target Users
  • leaders, supervisors, employees, team members, managers
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