Light in the Dark
Be enlightened by this delightful puzzle game that has never before seen the light of day!
The game begins with the discovery that the cute babies of Totems, a colorful undiscovered species, have lost their way in an ancient labyrinth tomb. In order to reunite the children with their parents Gamers can turn, touch and tweak the screen of their mobile devices to move the Totems that illuminate a certain colour. By positioning these Totems so that their rays of light reach and awaken their slumbering lost children, the gamer can rescue the babies and advance to a more difficult level.

As the player progresses new mechanics are introduced to block, bounce and blend light in hopes of saving the tiny Totems. These will include: boxes, mirrors, lenses, sensors, and pressure pads to name a few. However beware! There are also monsters in the darkness that are best left undisturbed...
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Windows Phone
  • Light in the Dark - $1.99 (USD)
  • Puzzle Game, Colour Blending, Color Blending, Light Bending, Brain Teaser
Target Users
  • Casual Puzzle/Arcade Gamers, Ages 5+
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Google Play, iTunes, Windows Phone Apps
Meet the Artist: