Lil Painter
Creative Coloring Book for kids and families
Creative coloring book app aiming to promote aesthetic values for children and families.
Kids will get the chance to explore and paint over a plenty of coloring pages, the resulting work of a prominent graphic artist. Original illustrations, designed in-house specifically for this app, are organized in two packs: one for girls and the other for boys, each illustration representing a unique dream, a character with strong abilities and moral values like fairies, pirates, ballerinas, sirens, swordsmen, dragons, unicorns, etc.
In addition you have the option to paint on an a blank page or textured background, over 25 textures to choose from.
It is also possible to save the final artwork into a personal gallery set or into the device's photo library.

Key features:

- a total of 20 original illustrations and 25 backgrounds to choose from
- engaging songs and sound effects
- five different painting tools: paint bucket, magic crayon, paint brush, spray, chalk
- two types of color pallets either for novice or advanced users
- enable shape mode or normal mode drawing
- enable erase on shake
- enable lights and shadows
- save the drawing

Adobe AIR, Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), BlackBerry - PlayBook
  • Lil Painter - $3.99 (different prices in different stores)
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  • doodle, paint, draw, sketch, color, coloring book, gallery, art, dreams, characters
Target Users
  • NOT JUST for kids! User friendly FUN for ALL AGES!
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Blackberry App World, Amazon App Store, iPad App Store
Meet the Artist: