Evidenced-based planning is crucial for sanitation practice. LION Sync lets decision makers use data seamlessly, despite the logistical challenges of rural work.
We've all seen it. Government bureaucracies with tonnes of crucial information stuck in Excel spreadsheets on unnetworked machines. Data lost to viruses or computer crashes. Hard copies seemingly without an original soft copy. Summary reports, months in production, already out of date by their release. Flat tabular data structures used to represent what should be rich relational data. The problem is not with the bureaucracies themselves - more often than not they are staffed with smart and hardworking people - the problem is that good data management tools for government bureaucracies in the developing world simply do not exist. LION Sync aims to change that. This demonstration version of LION Sync has been built to showcase what LION Sync could do for distributed information management in sanitation. It seamlessly integrates online and offline data, allowing users real-time access to their data with or without an internet connection, and syncing data whenever a computer is connected.
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Rural areas - lack of sanitation, Poor access to data, Other, Governance and sanitation
  • Evidence Planning Offline Data
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  • Government Non-Governmental Organizations Private Sector
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