Live Tracker Monitor
Live Tracker Monitor is the ultimate application to track BlackBerry® Device across the globe from behind your BlackBerry PlayBook™!
Live Tracker Monitor is the ideal solution to keep track of the whereabouts of your BlackBerry® Smartphones, and their respective owners. This application comes in three versions:

- Free version: Track up to two devices. Ideal for private use, e.g. track the whereabouts of family or friends
- Lite version: Track up to 10 devices. Ideal for small businesses. For example, a Pizzaria with delivery service.
- Enterprise version: Track up to a 1000 devices. Ideal for multinationals with staff on the road all over the globe.

With this application, you will be able to see the exact locations of the tracked specified BlackBerry® smartphones on a world map. Once you have the device ID (PIN) of a BlackBerry® smartphone with Live Tracker installed (available for free:, you will be able to track the exact location of that device. The GPS works all over the world, so you can track the specified devices outside of your region. Also, the exact location will be very accurate as it is pin-pointed with GPS. The location is then stored securely on our servers and gets pushed to your Playbook™ when it is connected to the internet.

* Accurate Geolocation through GPS or cell tower triangulation
* Detailed World Map, easy to read color-scheme
* Quick Refresh of Location Points
* User-Friendly Interface with Multi-Touch Support
* Precise Coordinates for Locations

Map Options:
* Latitude/Longitude Format
* Measuring Unit
* Frequency of Refresh for Tracker Data
* Zoom Level
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  • Free version available
  • Lite Version - 00 (price to be determined)
  • Enterprise Version - 00 (price to be determined)
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  • anyone, focus on businesses
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