The only cloud you want over your event
Loadstory is an interactive plateforme available as mobile application and digital signage who centralize interactions under your branding for your events, concerts, exibitions, seminars,… Loadstory contain several modules as user profile, conversation, agenda and geofencing. It's allow's you to federate your community, identify their desires and needs to optimise your network and reduce your communication charges. Loadstory adapted itself to the setup of the event.
As an end-user Loadstory is your new tool to chat with friends, post your message or pictures you want in real time as we do in other social network. Hashtag any of your message to see it directly on a tv display if the event has one. You can see what your friends or other people share about them, find your friend in the event, selected a programmation of the event, or view directly some informations about your favorite artist/actor/pitcher planned on schedule. Find your own agenda or the event's agenda to see what's going on in the area or the date you wanted. Search about new events you'd like to be, by using keywords. You are able to manage all included application according to your needs.
Be aware of any news about your favorites event by notifications on your mobile as targeted message of one user or contextual notifications in case of new programmation for exemple. Be directly in link with all the users and share with them. Share your awesomeness with Loadstory!
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
Social Media, Other, Music, Business and Work, Art and Culture
  • cloud, event, share, interactions, conversation, digital signage, geofencing
Target Users
  • Event organizers, advertisers, members of the app, future participants of the event,...
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