We make movies for your ears while others still make slide shows.

Discover your surroundings in a completely new way with Locosonic. Dive into the fascinating dimension of acoustic perception of places and locations.

Locosonic is a service that offers a new perceptual dimension for smartphone users in the whole world. The innovative Locosonic platform enables the creation of geo-positioned sonic landscapes, so called soundscapes that can be seamlessly reproduced on mobile devices like smartphones, smartwatches, or tablets.

Locosonic’s mobile player app allows the reproduction of sounds, music and audio information in extremely high quality in function of the user’s geographical position. Locosonic’s soundscape compositions are an entirely new medium, where the superposition of geo-positioned sounds in real-time allows an organic and a truly immersive user experience. With its unique augmented reality technology the user is offered a new perceptual dimension and can actively immerse in another world.

Our easy-to-use but powerful online soundscape editor offers professionals or enthusiasts the possibility to create their own soundscapes and to deliver an intriguing aural augmented reality experience to their customers and followers.

With the Locosonic app you have access to a continuously growing collection of downloads: exciting and interesting geo-positioned sound compositions and interactive audio book travel guides – so called soundscapes.

Simply install the free app on your mobile device, select and download soundscapes in your vicinity, plug in your earphones – and you are ready to go and start your listening experience. The music and the stories will then follow your movement and change with your position.

Vienna is calling – Discover Vienna’s Ring Road together with the retired original Viennese hackney coach driver Melchior Pospischil and listen to his charming stories full of banter. Dive into the other Vienna and experience the city in your own world.

Can you feel Barcelona – Experience places in Barcelona in a way they never have been experienced before. Touching, hand-made music from Barcelona provides a background that shows off the locations’ peculiarities and histories in an astoundingly beautiful way.

Enjoy yourself while re-discovering your surroundings!
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
Urban life, Travel and Tourism, Music, Art and Culture
  • traveling tourism entertainment location based audio aural augmented reality
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  • Tourists, locals and anyone who wants to discover their surroundings in a completely new way. Authors, tourism professionals, sound designers and enthusiasts who want to offer their customers an intriguing aural augmented reality experience.
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