Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim
“Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim” is a vast magical world where you are honored with the crown of a tiny fairytale kingdom.

The core feature of “Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim” is that you cannot control your citizens directly. There are a lot of heroes in your lands: valiant warriors and warlike barbarians, powerful wizards and grim necromancers, industrious dwarves and skilful elves plus many more. But all of them live their own lives and decide for themselves what to do at any moment. You are able to issue orders but heroes will follow your commands only for a sizeable reward.

“Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim” contains elements of role play: while fulfilling your orders, the heroes improve their skills and talents, as well as earn cash to be spent on new equipment, weapons, and magical elixirs.

Game Features:

- Legendary indirect control strategy totally adapted for mobile platforms.
- 10 types of heroes with dozens of statistics, weapons and armour.
- A dozen types of monsters.
- Several dozen spells.
- 30 upgradeable building types.
- 3 difficulty levels.
- About 100 game achievements.
Android, BlackBerry, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Windows Phone, BlackBerry - PlayBook
  • Free version available
  • Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim - US$1.99 USD
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  • strategy, indirect control, magic, based on popular PC strategy game, role play
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