Vuelve a comprar en tu barrio
We want you start shopping local again.

Te problem: There is a long tail of small local retailers with no digital capabilities and on the other hand a growing number of customers that appreciate the quality and service this retailers provide but due to lack of time or personal logistics end up shopping at larger retailers.

The Solution: Manzaning solves this problem and in less than two months more than 500 stores in Barcelona are selling through our platform.

The difference: We noticed that one of the biggest stoppers in digitalizing local commerce was the need of a product catalogue so we decided to create a platform where all the transactions where made by chat or phone call. In Manzaning, you speak directly with the retailer, establishing a human and personal relationship. The retailer, who is the expert in their product field, will assess you through your shopping process providing a unique experience far away from a cold product catalogue.

How it works: download ios/android app, choose category o search the store in the map. Speak directly with the store, make the transaction, pay securely through our payments gateway and receive it in 60min or the time frame of your choice.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
Shopping, Eating and Drinking, Urban life
  • app local neighbourhood corner shop grocery butcher laundry market delivery
Target Users
  • 1. Working mums: no time for shopping but willingness to shop the best quality products for their family. 2. Eco/Bio lovers: followers of the go local moto, they want to chop in small stores to experience the best quality and assessment. 3. 30-50 worker
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Google Play, iTunes
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