Masar Platform
A smart platform for data collection, analysis and visualization
The “Masar” is an online platform for transportation analysis and visualization which helps people to analyze road traffic and crowded area using different visualization techniques.
Developer community can integrate their devices to Masar platform.

In the middle east, Car Pooling is difficult to implement which crowd sourced data can be utilized for city traffic analysis and planning in most of big cities. For that, using Masar platform, developer can integrate their transportation solution which data can be analyze and visualize through Masar platform. Govt bodies and city planners utilize the Masar platform for their analysis and planning. Government bodies can also utilize the Masar platform for monitoring the activities of live deployed devices, rerouting plans, evacuation plans, etc.

Researcher can utilize Masar platform by providing data and Masar platform will make analysis and visualization for them.

There are few more features coming soon, which includes:
Crowd cameras for people count in certain area through visual analysis algorithm.
Road classification based on capacity and traffic flow.
Live traffic flow
Traffic graphs on each camera including aggregation options.
Signal optimization based on intersection camera analysis
Accident detection, near miss detection, stop car, traffic jam, HTV time violation, traffic violation, etc
Predictive analysis for road traffic
Rerouting plans

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  • Developers Researchers Government bodies
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