MediFile knows you better then your mom
MediFile is both, an app and a web service that allows you hand-reach access to your physician address, current and previous appointments, all your medical archives, and allows you to configure and set alarms for secure treatment; MediFile also follows-up current treatments and integrates the patient profile with the various receipts he/she is getting from different specialists. MediFile is also helpful for physicians who want to do a close follow-up of their patients and allows them to know whether the patient is following other treatments.
MediFile is: a) Access to your historical medical archive; b) Backup all your health information; c) Search engine to get accurate data; d) Automatic alarm system that gets-off when the app senses there has been an emergency and contacts close relatives when the panic button is set-off; e) First Aid teams can get instant access to the most important data such as: allergies, blood type, treatments, weight, age etc. which are valuable in case of an accident.
MediFile is having that sense of security you need because you know you have immediate access to your own medical information without the dependency of third party consultancy.
We comply with the regulations of the NOM 024.
Ensure the consistency of your medical information.
As an online system, Medifile offers the possibility that the user is constantly updating their information, which can prove their care and help prevention
If the patient is seen by various agencies (IMSS, Red Cross, or private hospitals) the information will be saved to the same system, which will prevent data loss.
Medifile is designed as a complete security system
The patient may decide with whom to share your information, and for how long.
At the same time the patient can have your information 24/7 anywhere in the world.
Through medifile, it will reduce the time and human resources needed to care for a patient.
Therefore it can reach more people.
By having all the medical information available from anywhere, doctors can make a better diagnosis for the patient.
Through automation, accessibility of information, and the immediate availability will save almost incalculable time in several daily and strategic activities in the medical sector.
For companies:
Having an overview of the health of their employees
The peace of mind the vital information of all its staff in case of emergency
The ability to prevent and anticipate using preventive treatments
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), HTML5
  • Free version available
  • MediFile - 33.00 USD (For single user per year)
  • Health, B2B, B2C, Information, emergency, Alarm, electronic medical record.
Target Users
  • Enterprises, socially responsible companies, chronically ill and their relatives, doctors, nurses, paramedics
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