Meetr - The New Way to Join or Create Meetups
Find fun people to meet right now!
Meet people and find things to do... anytime and anywhere. Meetr makes it easy to live in the moment! Meetr gives you the freedom to create or join meetups whenever you want and wherever you are. Meet new friends and find activities around you in real-time. Design your own meetup or browse meetups happening nearby. Notifications can alert you when someone creates a new meetup. No need to plan in advance, join managed groups, or pay dues. Just meet fun people doing fun things whenever you want.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
Urban life, Travel and Tourism
  • meetr, meetups, friends, traveling, activities
Target Users
  • Travelers looking to easily meet people, hang out, and go sightseeing together. People who want to meet new friends in their own neighborhood. People who want to socialize but don't like the pressure of dating apps or organized meetup groups.
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