Menja\'t Barna
2.0 Gastronomic critics
Menja\'t Barna allows you to be a 2.0 Gastronomic critic.

Barcelona is a very cosmopolitan city, and counts with a strong gastronomic offer. How can we locate a good place to eat a concrete dish of a gastronomic culture?

Our app allows you to find referenced places for the dishes of different cultures. The users, sharing their gastronomic experiences, are maintaining the information actualiced: Opining, rating and taking photos when taste dishes in a concrete location.

The app offers to the user the posibility of write reviews, include new dishes and locals, mark their favourite dishes “bitting” them...
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Urban life, Travel and Tourism, Eating and Drinking
  • Gastronomy, guide, Barcelona, dishes, restaurant, Open Street Maps
Target Users
  • Users who enjoy tasting new dishes in different places. Users with problems to decide where to eat. Users who enjoy sharing theirs opinions about food.
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