Meus Preços (São Paulo)
Analyze your purchase history from the last few years and compare prices in the supermarket!

With Meus Preços you can:

- Check if the product's price is good before committing to a purchase

- See the product's price history

- Find better physical locations to buy the product

By activating the shopping synchronization, you can also:

- See how much you paid in your previous purchases of any product

- Check where and when you made those purchases

- Verify the amount of items bought in those purchases

- Check your expenses by retail sectors and products

- Find out what product you buy the most

- Check the prices of items you bought even when offline

Meus Preços is free, easy to use, and completely effortless. It features thousands of products and thousands of retail locations!

As a community-driven tool, the more consumers using the app, the better the information gets!

Synchronization is performed by gathering the consumer's shopping history from the Nota Fiscal Paulista website. Nota Fiscal Paulista is a tax incentive program currently available in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. This functionality will be extended to more regions in the future.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
Shopping, Finance
  • Finanzas Productividad
Target Users
  • Sao Paulo supermarket consumers
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