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Make love to your ears with the best sound experience you've ever had. By adding clarity and depth you will hear more of your music than ever before. Say goodbye to missing out.
By adding clarity and depth you will hear more of your music than ever before. Say goodbye to missing out. 
Hearing is crucial, even in the smallest social interactions. We rely on our hearing; it is on 24/7. Hearing well is taken for granted, but hearing loss affects more than 10% of the world population, and there are no drugs to take nor surgeries to undertake which can restore good hearing. So far, only expensive hearing aids offer help. However, with Mimi you can take an active care of your hearing.

Mimi strives to be the global No.1 go-to place for better hearing. We make complex technology accessible by integrating it into intuitive, user-centered apps. Our apps are designed for everybody, even for those who are not yet aware about hearing care at all. Mimi has been in multiple competitions as a finalist in TechCrunch Disrupt NY2014 and runner up at Pioneers 2014 and Websummit2014.

Even more encouraging for us is the customer feedback. We are very proud that our free, intuitive 2 minutes Hearing Test App is already the global No.1. in its category in the Appstore, with >1600 5-star ratings from >40 countries.

But even more important then understanding about your hearing capabilities, is to take actively care for your hearing. And this is why we launch the Mimi Music App end of November 2015.

Based on >12 years of R&D and a deep understanding of the human ear, we have developed the first Audio Processing that improves any sound, both Music and Live Sound - so that you can hear "richer", "fuller" and "wow - my music never sounded so amazing" as our first Beta test users are writing us.
And the best thing: Because of the advanced Audio Processing, you can actually decrease the volume of your headphones. Hearing better, but less loud. That's just the best hearing care possible.

We make thus hearing care more accessible, affordable and accessible. And would be delighted if you could vote for us for the Mobile Premier Awards 2016.
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  • Everyone gets hearing loss to some degree. Therefore we won’t rest till every person on this planet has access to better hearing. Geographically we are not limited because we can provide a solution to anyone who has a smartphone. Demographically Mimi
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