Mind Hero
Get natural high and peace of mind
Mind Hero uses a combination of guided relaxation and music, creating a powerful meditative tool which can be used to energise, reduce stress and solve minor and sometimes even major health problems.

People behind Mind Hero are very experienced with health and mental issues, have been working for decades with thousands of people using only natural solutions.

Our specific strength is the voice relaxation, which, from our experience and extensive research, can stimulate a person's energy flow, leading to a faster recovery and bringing overall balance to our mental and physical state.

In a new a version we will have a fun gaming feature which will help people to stay motivated and use the app on a regular basis, which is key for a great result.

NOTE: Oceen is an old name, we will rebrand with new version into Mind Hero. New website will be www.mindhero.io
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • Yearly subscription - 19 (Unlock all tracks)
  • In-app singe purchase - 4.90 (Single track)
Health, Education
  • relaxation, meditation, mindfulness, stress, health, mental health
Target Users
  • People who are under stress or have mild psychological issues such depression, anxiety, addictions etc. Also for those suffering from stress related physical problems like a headache, migraine etc.
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