Mindmaps, the intuitive mind mapping tool for tablets.
Mindmaps is a mind mapping tool and a brainstorming application. It allows you to order your thoughts, store ideas and bring structure into complex concepts which makes it your ideal companion during meetings, lectures... You can easily share your result with your colleagues and coworkers by exporting it to an image or pdf document or continue your mind map on your desktop using Mindmaps' compatibility with various desktop mindmapping tools.

Mindmaps allows you to store notes in a more logical and easier to understand structure. You can improve the graphic layout of your map by adding icons, changing colors or changing the shape of elements.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), BlackBerry - PlayBook
  • Mindmaps - 3.99
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  • mind maps, note taking, summarizing, productivity
Target Users
  • managers, students
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Google Play, Blackberry App World
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