Bursting wallet due to card overflow, forgotten loyalty cards or coupons at the counter or annoying search for the right card. You have experienced all that? We did, and we didn´t like it – so we found a solution for all this.
Everyone wants to take advantage of the many club, customer and membership cards, but the number of cards that accumulates over time often exceeds the capacity of our wallets. A long search for the right card or coupon at the cash desk or even home-left cards are often the result.
"mobile-pocket" is the solution for this problem. The free app allows you to load all your loyalty cards onto your phone – the barcodes or QR codes of these cards can simply be scanned or the number can be typed in manually. So all those space-stealing cards can stay at home without losing any of the benefits.
Templates are already available for a large number of loyalty cards but of course all other cards can be added manually, too. mobile-pocket partners also offer their regular customers specials, customized promotions and discounts via the app.
With mobile-pocket for iPhone, you can also add all your vouchers to Apple's Passbook. This means you will be automatically reminded about coupons depending on where you are. Other features like the integration of the VeroPay mobile-payment-function in Austria makes us to one of the leading loyalty card apps in terms of technology.
For users mobile-pocket is an app for their shopping experience. For cooperating retailers it is a cost efficient and successful communication and relationship management tool.
mobile-pocket furthermore won the Mobile Innovations Magazine Award 2014, was shortlisted in 5 categories for the loyalty awards 2014 and is directly integrated into the Vodafone Wallet that launched in spring/summer 2014.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Windows Phone
  • Free version available
Shopping, Business and Work
  • customer, cards, loyalty, store, store locator, bonus, points, vouchers, coupons, rewards, wallet, offers, benefits, advantaged, customer service
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  • consumers, retailers, loyalty clubs
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