ModoRosa: in the fight against breast cancer
ModoRosa not only teaches how to but also reminds you to perform your monthly self-examimation
Mode Rosa App was created as a tool to advise women achieve early detection and fight against breast cancer. Each month, this system will remind you when to perform your self-examination.
Detecting it early can save lives, given that one in eight women can get it, performing preventive self-examination its the clue.

This App has an alert system, which each month, 8 days after the menstrual period, will remind users its the correct time to examine you; equally to older women will allow them to choose a specific date to do so. To facilitate the process, we have a method of learning that teaches you step by step with images and instructional video that will guide you how to perform the self examination.

Remember when was the last visit to the gynecologist? or when did you made your last ultrasound? The alarm system also allows you to activate an alert so you will never forget to ask for your appointments.

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Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • Breast cancer awareness In the fight agains breasts cancer Self examination
Target Users
  • The app is for everyone that has a woman around they care about. Ideally women from 15 years old on should be aware, its a world wide conscience
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